Since 1995, Data Refinery® has been quickly transforming large information sets into quality, actionable information ready for further analytics as well as immediate corporate decision making.

A leader in systems software and services for over two decades, Data Refinery® brings ease to data collection, processing, and presentation.


Data Refinery helps to clean and organize your business processes, information, and needs.  Data Refinery helps to visualize information and turn chaos into insight by identifying patterns and predicting future trends.   Data Refinery products and services help you understand the big picture as well as minute details as desired, and to understand not only the best course of action, but the timing for same.


Our software and services connect and combine challenging information sources and establish relationships to solve problems though analysis.  Data Refinery identifies data patterns, anomalies, and subtle but statistically relevant changes to information sets over time.    It does this by organizing, repairing, cleaning, validating, and analyzing data, while providing multiple ways to do so at each step.